2020 will be remembered as the year Covid-19 made the world standstill. But, it’s also the year The Waiting List Podcast was founded.


Daniel was planning on spending Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with his family for a two-week vacation. But, due to Covid-19, he was stranded in Hong Kong for six months.


During his time there, he met with many watch collectors and spent many evenings discussing current watch topics, enjoying their company and conversation.


One such evening, Daniel was in the Four Seasons Hotel with three other watch collectors, Alex, Chester, and Lung Lung. Their topic of discussion was the mythical “Waiting List” for watches, whether it existed, could be manipulated or circumvented. Then, Alex asked, “would anyone else be interested in listening to this discussion?”


Thus, The Waiting List Podcast was born, discussing watches, but also the stories behind the people that collect them.


We believe that watches themselves represent a well-crafted piece of metal, but it’s their accompanying stories that pique our interest. From the stories of the collectors that own them, or the inherent stories of the watches themselves, we identify with them and want to hear more. It’s often the reason watch collectors meet other watch collectors.


As our podcast developed, it became clear that many watch collectors were also successful in their field of work, and could share valuable insights into what success meant for them. This proved to be motivating and inspiring to our listeners.



Our watch podcast is unique because our hosts are Chinese descendants representing a voice for Chinese collectors. We share our unique cultural points of view and perspectives, with a fun sense of humour. We have two male and two female hosts, providing a balanced perspective.

Rather than talking about the technical aspects of watches, we focus on the stories behind them. As a result, most of the episodes are interviews with watch collectors, aficionados, and experts in the watch industry.

The best part is the unique chemistry between the podcast hosts themselves. Irreplaceable and totally at comfort with each other, you feel the depth of their friendship. During each episode, you’re invited to experience their quick-witted banter and laughter, personal stories, all mixed in with some watch talk.


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Alex Lau

Alex has been in the private wealth management business for eight years, specializing in serving high net-worth clients and family offices. He has two tech start-ups, which is where he is focusing his portfolio.

Alex was born in the U.K. and moved back to his family origins in Hong Kong for the last eight years. In his free time, Alex is passionate about cars, watches, reading, and men’s tailoring.

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Jaclyn Li

Having been fascinated by old things from an early age, Jaclyn is passionate about the world of mechanical watches, especially vintage. Her first watch was a Rolex 6234 Pre-Daytona, and since then, she’s fallen head-over-heels over the idea of curation with intention – how one should focus less on the finding of watches, but more on the matching of meaning.


Jaclyn is currently a senior at Harvard College, studying Economics and Psychology. Aside from watches, she enjoys photography, traveling, reading, and playing with her cat, Luca. Jaclyn was born in China and raised in Canada.

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Daniel Sum

Daniel was born and raised in England, and has been practicing as a dentist for eight years. He moved to Shanghai in 2014, where he’s been based ever since. A passionate collector of watches, one of Daniel’s favourite brands is A Lange & Sohne.


Daniel’s love of watches led him to establish the Shanghai Watch Gang, a prominent watch collector club, and also Shanghai Watch Festival, which is an internationally recognized watch exhibition. Daniel is constantly exploring opportunities within the watch industry, often bridging the cultural and language barriers that brands face upon entering the Greater China market.


Daniel is an advocate in promoting watch culture to Chinese consumers, and spreading his own love of watches to the young generation, irrespective of brand or spending power.

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Lung Lung Thun

Lung Lung is a watch enthusiast who spends time between Hong Kong and Singapore, connecting with collectors and discovering new pieces along the way. She finds the idea of mechanical watches and their complications fascinating, and feels she can never learn enough from the field of horology – the study and measurement of time.


She majored in Business Management from the University of Warwick and works in the Finance industry.

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Chester Pan

Chester’s passion for mechanical watches came at an early age when he witnessed, with fascination, his grandmother winding their old grandfather clock in the living room. An “Otaku” in every sense of the word, his love for mechanical watches really gained momentum in the 2000s when he acquired his first watch – a Ball wristwatch gifted to him by his mother. In later years, his collection grew to include Vacheron, Audemars, Piguet, Lange, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and some independent brands, such as Urweck and Lange and Heyne.

Chester grew up with an international background, spending time between Canada, China, and Singapore. Outside of watches, he’s also passionate about cooking, fine wine, and cigars.